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A demistate is the highest administrative subdivision in the city. A Sharaasha holds control over it, and he or she (or a representative) is present and may vote in the Supreme Council.


A demistate has a high degree of autonomy, but some general edicts are enforced by the Emperor and Supreme Council.

Each demistate consists of one or more sub-cities, one of which is the demistate's capital.

Known Demistates

Twelve demistates are known to exists. These are:

The Spires
  • Boilerworks Perhaps more interested in mechanical creations than pursuit of the magical, Boilerworks shows how one can use one to enhance the other. Clockwork automatons work alongside magical constructs, and exceedingly intricate mechanisms seem to be favored by all.
  • The Celenes, an ordered society. Here, philosophers discuss the workings of the multiverse among white marble columns.
  • Et-Gong. Ruled by the Amaranthine Court, a cabal of necromancers. It is a place of cherry trees over streams of water, where unbreakable vows are sworn, and a hidden war rages in the shadows. Houses The Floating City of Shuuti-ichi, which consists of an ever changing fleet of houseboats.
  • The Greens, like The Celenes, looks like a paradise. Everywhere are lush forests, fields of grain, and stunning vistas, dotted with small towns and the occasional farm. At its center stands The Tree of Life, and its roots can be found throughout the demistate.
  • Northwan, home to giants. Snow covers this land and its mighty peaks. In their mountain fastnesses powerful liches plot and scheme.
  • Orgram is a wasteland speaking of former majesty. Wild jungles cover ancient ruins and are home to varied monstrosities. A snake cult of the south is often fighting the ogres in the north, and more civilized races build high walls to keep this war out.
  • Raszhan, a sprawling desert. Huge cities have grown up around the water sources, and trading in precious metals is the name of the game.
  • The Spires, the "center" of the plane, home to numerous arcane universities, historical buildings, not to mention the Library - an organic building that has grown to form wings in all the major schools and tentacles that touch even bookcases in ordinary houses. It is said its roots exit on the other side. The name "the spires" comes from the wizard towers that regularly dot the landscape, and the heights to which these are built in order to outdo the other arcanists.
  • Suno-Haiinah, with its multiple layers of ruins. When a building is condemned, it is simply lowered into the ground, leaving a history of the past. New building are placed on top, and life continues. Entering the past is strictly forbidden, but such treasures hide in the depths.
  • Thelaash, where time is not what it seems. In fact, nothing is. Built in the area between illusion and reality, this demistate may be the main reason Termanistan is called The Maze. Few stay sane here for long, but some seem to thrive in an environment that allows anything to be as real or temporary as you want.
  • The Winding. Like a gigantic open-pit mine, The Winding is a like spiraling staircase into the ground. Here live many menial laborers, and most of the world's raw materials are created here.
  • Zil-Shahaar, also known as the Wicked. Home to slavers and others who prefer the lawless nature of this demistate. On the black market in the City of Silence, you can buy anything you can think of, as long as you never open your mouth.

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