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Welcome to the ecumenopolis of Termanistan. Also known as the City of Spires, or simply the Maze, Termanistan is a massive metropolis covering an entire plane.


The city is controlled by the Emperor, currently Zerameran de-Ellesh Al-Zeshaad of the Al-Zeshaad dynasty. While he has direct executive power, most decisions are made in the Supreme Council, where all the demistates have representatives and may cast their votes.


The plane on which the city of Termanistan is founded has a hyperbolic curvature, and so east and west seem to curve down, while north and south curve up (and disappear in the distance. The world is not a donut, it is a warped plane, where every point is a saddle point. Look it up if you're confused). Gravity is normal to the plane at all points.


The city was founded by the dragon sorcerer Yilbechar, who wanted a place to study where the world would not interfere with him, nor he the world in the case of failed experiments. With time the plane grew, and Yilbechar invited colleagues and friends. As time went by, other necessities were added, and a small town formed, with shops, entertainment, and all the things one expects to find in a town.

Yilbechar was the longest-surviving leader of Termanistan, but eventually his grip on the throne faltered - perhaps most of all because he never really claimed it. The First War broke out in 37,845 and lasted for 16 years. In the end Yilbechar was slain and the era of dynasties began. The dynasties themselves have changed numerous times since then, and a few levels of administration have been added, but the political system that was established after the war has remained mostly unchanged.