Dictate of the Synod

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The Dictate of the Synod is the process that ensures the internal consistency of the Termanistan demiplane. It takes care of automatic backup and rollback, consistency checks and the dispelling of potentially world-altering events.


Long after the Brotherhood of the Synod seized power in Termanistan, they decided the chaotic society created by the world's magic users was unfortunate and a threat to Termanistan's continued existence, and that something must be done. A special police force, the Chronoproteate was established to catch and punish repeat offenders or those who seek to undermine the city's safeguards. As their power grew and their requirements became clear, the Dictate was created to automate and simplify their job.


The Dictate's function is to protect the continued existence of Termanistan, as well as its relative political stability. Whenever a spell is cast, the Dictate creates a local snapshot. The extents of this snapshot is determined by the proximity to other spells and the levels of the spells involved. Automated process then monitor the effects of the spells, and if their effects are deemed destructive to the city, there is a rollback to the snapshot, the offending spell is countered, and the offender is warned about his actions. If the case is not cut-and-dried, the Chronoproteate is notified and an agent dispatched to the scene.