The Floating City of Shuuti-Ichi

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Shuuti-Ichi, or the Floating City is a sub-city in Et-Gong.


Located on the eastern fringe of Et-Gong, Shuuti-Ichi floats atop the Lake of Shuuti-Ichi. In its depths lie the remains of Old Shuuti-Ichi, which sank during The Second War.


Shuuti-Ichi is a mish-mash of house-boats, regular boats, and semi-permanent structures anchored to the lake floor. While the whole city is generally connected, the boats that make up the city tend to move, and a path that works today will generally no longer exist in a week.


The Sunken Spire

The Nine Floating Bridges of Shessham

The Glass Barge

The Riverside Market